Commit 0e298d87 authored by Francesco Mani's avatar Francesco Mani
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variable name change in nr_dlsch

parent c4448a2f
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ uint8_t nr_generate_pdsch(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
uint32_t scrambled_output[NR_MAX_NB_CODEWORDS][NR_MAX_PDSCH_ENCODED_LENGTH>>5];
int16_t **mod_symbs = (int16_t**)dlsch->mod_symbs;
int16_t **tx_layers = (int16_t**)dlsch->txdataF;
int8_t Wf[2], Wt[2], l0, l_prime, delta;
int8_t Wf[2], Wt[2], l0, l_prime, l_overline, delta;
uint8_t dmrs_Type = rel15->dmrsConfigType;
int nb_re_dmrs;
uint16_t n_dmrs;
......@@ -286,6 +286,8 @@ uint8_t nr_generate_pdsch(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
delta = get_delta(ap, dmrs_Type);
l_prime = 0; // single symbol ap 0
l0 = get_l0(rel15->dlDmrsSymbPos);
l_overline = l0;
uint8_t dmrs_symbol = l0+l_prime;
printf("DMRS Type %d params for ap %d: Wt %d %d \t Wf %d %d \t delta %d \t l_prime %d \t l0 %d\tDMRS symbol %d\n",
......@@ -308,10 +310,10 @@ uint8_t nr_generate_pdsch(PHY_VARS_gNB *gNB,
if ((rel15->dlDmrsSymbPos & (1 << l)) && (k == ((start_sc+get_dmrs_freq_idx(n, k_prime, delta, dmrs_Type))%(frame_parms->ofdm_symbol_size)))) {
if (l==(l0+1)) //take into account the double DMRS symbols
if (l==(l_overline+1)) //take into account the double DMRS symbols
l_prime = 1;
else if (l>(l0+1)) {//new DMRS pair
l0 = l;
else if (l>(l_overline+1)) {//new DMRS pair
l_overline = l;
l_prime = 0;
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