Commit 41c55be8 authored by Shweta Shrivastava's avatar Shweta Shrivastava
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Fix for error message - no active DLSCH

parent 228be922
......@@ -115,6 +115,11 @@ int8_t nr_ue_scheduled_response(nr_scheduled_response_t *scheduled_response){
dlsch0_harq->harq_ack.rx_status = downlink_harq_process(dlsch0_harq, dlsch0->current_harq_pid, dlsch_config_pdu->ndi, dlsch0->rnti_type);
if (dlsch0_harq->status != ACTIVE) {
// dlsch0_harq->status not ACTIVE may be due to false retransmission. Reset the
// following flag to skip PDSCH procedures in that case.
dlsch0->active = 0;
dlsch0_harq->harq_ack.vDAI_DL = dlsch_config_pdu->dai;
/* PTRS */
dlsch0_harq->PTRSFreqDensity = dlsch_config_pdu->PTRSFreqDensity;
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