Commit 569dfb14 authored by hardy's avatar hardy
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change storage location of zipped qlog

parent 8371109a
......@@ -134,7 +134,7 @@ class Module_UE:, self.HostUsername, self.HostPassword)
#delete old artifacts
mySSH.command('echo ' + self.HostPassword + ' | sudo -S rm -rf ci_qlog','\$',5)
#start Trace
#start Trace, artifact is created in home dir
mySSH.command('echo $USER; nohup sudo -E QLog/QLog -s ci_qlog -f NR5G.cfg &','\$', 5)
......@@ -155,16 +155,16 @@ class Module_UE:
def LogCollect(self):
mySSH = sshconnection.SSHConnection(), self.HostUsername, self.HostPassword)
#archive qlog to /opt/ci_qlogs with datetime suffix
#archive qlog to USB stick in /media/usb-drive/ci_qlogs with datetime suffix
now_string = now.strftime("%Y%m%d-%H%M")
#qlog artifact is zipped into the target folder
mySSH.command('echo $USER; echo ' + self.HostPassword + ' | nohup sudo -S zip -r '+destination+' '+source+' &','\$', 10)
#post action : log cleaning to make sure enough space is reserved for the next run
Log_Mgt=cls_log_mgt.Log_Mgt(self.HostIPAddress, self.HostPassword, "/opt/ci_qlogs")
Log_Mgt=cls_log_mgt.Log_Mgt(self.HostIPAddress, self.HostPassword, "/media/usb-drive/ci_qlogs")
return destination
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