Commit 599287b6 authored by Raphael Defosseux's avatar Raphael Defosseux
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/fix-retransmission-rbg' into develop

parents 5adf940b 4a2c0b1e
......@@ -113,10 +113,29 @@ bool try_allocate_harq_retransmission(module_id_t Mod_id,
LOG_D(MAC, "cannot allocate UE %d: no CCE can be allocated\n", UE_id);
return false;
/* if nb_rb is not multiple of RBGsize, then last RBG must be free
* (it will be allocated just below)
if (nb_rb % RBGsize && !rbgalloc_mask[N_RBG-1]) {
LOG_E(MAC, "retransmission: last RBG already allocated (this should not happen)\n");
return false;
ue_ctrl->pre_dci_dl_pdu_idx = idx;
// retransmissions: directly allocate
*n_rbg_sched -= nb_rbg;
ue_ctrl->pre_nb_available_rbs[CC_id] += nb_rb;
if (nb_rb % RBGsize) {
/* special case: if nb_rb is not multiple of RBGsize, then allocate last RBG.
* If we instead allocated another RBG then we will retransmit with more
* RBs and the UE will not accept it.
* (This has been seen in a test with cots UEs, if not true, then change
* code as needed.)
* At this point rbgalloc_mask[N_RBG-1] == 1 due to the test above.
ue_ctrl->rballoc_sub_UE[CC_id][N_RBG-1] = 1;
rbgalloc_mask[N_RBG-1] = 0;
for (; nb_rbg > 0; start_rbg++) {
if (!rbgalloc_mask[start_rbg])
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