Commit 9d2651d0 authored by Robert Schmidt's avatar Robert Schmidt
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CI: Parse UE TUN interface correctly in S1 mode

See also commit 8c5976e2

Above commit changed the TUN interface configuration to use program "ip"
only. This commit changes the CI script parsing correspondingly: the
pipeline will recognize the attempt to bring up the interface of the
first UE.
parent 68619cae
......@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ function report_test {
NB_UE_TUNNEL_UP=`egrep -c "Interface oaitun_ue1 successfully configured" $UE_LOG`
NB_UE_TUNNEL_UP=`egrep -c "executing ifconfig oaitun_ue1" $UE_LOG`
NB_UE_TUNNEL_UP=`egrep -c "ip link set oaitun_ue1 up" $UE_LOG`
if [ $NB_ENB_GOT_SYNC -gt 0 ] && [ $NB_UE_GOT_SYNC -gt 0 ] && [ $NB_ENB_SYNCED_WITH_UE -gt 0 ]
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