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Set proper polar rnti and scrambling rnti for the phy-test and do-ra running modes:

- in phy-test both rnti are set to same rnti
- in do-ra the scrambling rnti is set to 0 while the polar rnti is the RA_rnti (computed as per
  TS 38.321)
parent acfad36f
......@@ -29,11 +29,15 @@
* \note
* \warning
#ifdef USER_MODE
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "executables/softmodem-common.h"
#include "nr_transport_proto_ue.h"
#include "PHY/CODING/nrPolar_tools/nr_polar_dci_defs.h"
#include "PHY/phy_extern_nr_ue.h"
......@@ -842,7 +846,9 @@ uint8_t nr_dci_decoding_procedure(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
rel15 = &pdcch_vars->pdcch_config[i];
int dci_length = rel15->dci_length;
int gNB_id = 0;
int16_t tmp_e[16*108];
rnti_t n_rnti;
for (int j=0;j<rel15->number_of_candidates;j++) {
int CCEind = rel15->CCE[j];
......@@ -850,7 +856,7 @@ uint8_t nr_dci_decoding_procedure(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
uint64_t dci_estimation[2]= {0};
const t_nrPolar_params *currentPtrDCI = nr_polar_params(NR_POLAR_DCI_MESSAGE_TYPE, dci_length, L, 1, &ue->polarList);
LOG_D(PHY, "Trying DCI candidate %d, CCE %d (%d), L %d\n", j, CCEind, CCEind*9*6*2, L);
LOG_D(PHY, "Trying DCI candidate %d of %d number of candidates, CCE %d (%d), L %d\n", j, rel15->number_of_candidates, CCEind, CCEind*9*6*2, L);
nr_pdcch_unscrambling(&pdcch_vars->e_rx[CCEind*108], rel15->rnti, L*108, rel15->coreset.pdcch_dmrs_scrambling_id, tmp_e);
......@@ -867,16 +873,24 @@ uint8_t nr_dci_decoding_procedure(PHY_VARS_NR_UE *ue,
LOG_D(PHY,"Decoded crc %x\n",crc);
if (crc == rel15->rnti) {
if (get_softmodem_params()->do_ra == 1)
n_rnti = ue->prach_resources[gNB_id]->ra_RNTI;
n_rnti = rel15->rnti;
if (crc == n_rnti) {
LOG_D(PHY,"Decoded crc %x matches rnti %x for DCI format %d\n", crc, n_rnti, rel15->dci_format);
dci_ind->SFN = frame;
dci_ind->slot = slot;
dci_ind->dci_list[dci_ind->number_of_dcis].rnti = rel15->rnti;
dci_ind->dci_list[dci_ind->number_of_dcis].rnti = n_rnti;
dci_ind->dci_list[dci_ind->number_of_dcis].n_CCE = CCEind;
dci_ind->dci_list[dci_ind->number_of_dcis].dci_format = rel15->dci_format;
dci_ind->dci_list[dci_ind->number_of_dcis].payloadSize = dci_length;
} else {
LOG_D(PHY,"Decoded crc %x does not match rnti %x for DCI format %d\n", crc, n_rnti, rel15->dci_format);
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