Commit e8b7dc84 authored by Shweta Shrivastava's avatar Shweta Shrivastava
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Fix error

parent 17b8ff50
......@@ -2918,7 +2918,7 @@ int8_t nr_ue_process_dci_freq_dom_resource_assignment(nfapi_nr_ue_pusch_pdu_t *p
pusch_config_pdu->rb_start = NRRIV2PRBOFFSET(riv,n_RB_ULBWP);
// Sanity check in case a false or erroneous DCI is received
if ((pusch_config_pdu->rb_size) || (pusch_config_pdu->rb_size > n_RB_ULBWP - pusch_config_pdu->rb_start)) {
if ((pusch_config_pdu->rb_size < 1) || (pusch_config_pdu->rb_size > n_RB_ULBWP - pusch_config_pdu->rb_start)) {
// DCI is invalid!
LOG_W(MAC, "Frequency domain assignment values are invalid! #RBs: %d, Start RB: %d, n_RB_ULBWP: %d \n",pusch_config_pdu->rb_size, pusch_config_pdu->rb_start, n_RB_ULBWP);
return -1;
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