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      Remove unused variable · 8d096b22
      Luis Pereira authored
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      Enable IP TUN interface configuration upon reception of PDU Session... · f60e5997
      Panos Matzakos authored
      Enable IP TUN interface configuration upon reception of PDU Session Establishment Accept NAS message
      -User plane traffic validation with OAI UE and OAI CN:
      -Downlink ping initiated from the CN is received at the IP interface of the UE. However it seems that there is some packet corruption preventing the generaration of ping reply.
      -Uplink ping initiated from the UE reaches the OAI CN machine. However no ping reply is seen yet either.
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      sa: nr pdcp: improve security · 9135d420
      Cédric Roux authored
      This commit implements integrity and security settings for nr pdcp. It will
      only work for SRBs.
      This commit has not been tested. It may fail to work completely. To be checked.
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      NR: fix: set PDCP discard timer to infinity · 4ff8f883
      Cédric Roux authored
      The discard timer is used by the PDCP layer to discard packets that were not
      transmitted to RLC after some time.
      We don't really need it for the moment, maybe never for the default
      bearer which is a best-effort bearer passing all kind of IP traffic.
      Maybe for voice over IP kind of traffic it's important, or realtime
      I ran an iperf UDP uplink test and saw no error on the PHY layer but still
      lots of packets lost in the iperf logs, which was very surprising. By
      analyzing the logs in wireshark I saw that, with the current scheduler,
      an IP packet sent by the UE took 40ms to be sent piece by piece to the
      gNB, and then the next uplink IP packet was never sent at all because
      the discard timer was expired, leading to the high count of packets lost
      in the iperf logs.
      So let's put infinity for the moment for the discard timer. From my
      understanding of the moment it's not a problem. If for some reason we
      should set it to some non-infinity value, then we can change later.
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      nr pdcp: improvements · 9edc8cce
      Cédric Roux authored
      Implement data transfer (38.331 5.2):
          - transmit operation (in nr_pdcp_entity_recv_sdu)
          - receive operation (in nr_pdcp_entity_recv_pdu)
          - t-Reordering expiration
      To keep track of time the function nr_pdcp_wakeup_timer_thread has been
      added and is called by the gNB's MAC scheduler via nr_pdcp_tick.
      (The UE has not been modified.)
      A thread has been introduced to set time of all the existing PDCP
      entities in the system. This probably does not scale well with many
      PDCP entities (many UEs connected to the gNB). To be changed at some
      point when needed. Hopefully, with a few UEs this mechanism won't be
      too problematic (ie. won't cause realtime problems).
      The problem with time in PDCP is that SDUs are kept if some are
      missing, to do reordering. A timer is started and when it expires
      we have to transmit the SDUs even if some are still missing. We
      want to do that as soon as possible. So we have to check timers
      often (every millisecond).
      In RLC the time is set when there is so...
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      NSA: first draft of nea2 security for gNB · 10e021e9
      Cédric Roux authored
      The code is forced to use nea2, no matter what the UE supports.
      After 2^18 PDCP packets, it will fail to work (we don't use HFN yet).
      These limitations will be fixed in later commits.
      The existing security function was not reused, because it does too
      much memory allocation and initializes the security context at each
      ciphering. So here comes nr_pdcp_security_nea2_cipher(). And also
      the ciphering is done inplace. To be changed if necessary.
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