1. 27 Nov, 2020 1 commit
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      Integration 2020 wk48 2 · 6b8eb372
      Remi Hardy authored
      MR945 : nr prach fr2
      - Introduction of the PRACH frontend for FR2 (120kHz SCS, 32 and 66 PRB). 
      - Tested with nr_prachsim and testcases added to test_case_list.xml also included some fixes for FR1, 
      when prach occasion > 0 (small difference in Ncp)
      MR950 : DL and UL PTRS for 5G NR
      MR971 : Correct NDI + Minor MAC subPDU handling improvements
      Fixes the issue : Ping in develop was unusually high (70+ms). The issue was that TA was scheduled in the second slot (of the two we currently schedule), but NDI was toggled for the first one. 
      Other improvements:
      - Correctly put padding MAC subPDU
      - Only use subPDU DLSCH long header if length >= 256B
      - Calculate TBS in DL pre-processor considering header and TA CE overhead.
      - Improve some of the logging (LOG_D)
      - re-enable TA
      MR970 : uci gnb mac functions file
      - Moved gNB MAC UCI related functions in a new file
      MR972 : Bugfix nr rate matching assertion
      - Fixes the assertion happening in rate matching of pdsch during iperf test.
      MR975 : File openning in rrc_gNB_internal
      - Only allow file opening in rrc_gNB-internal.c in phytest mode
      MR977 : NR UE DCI sanity checks and fixes
      These changes resolve a few stability issues and errors in NR UE
      - Added sanity check for pucch_resource_indicator received in DL DCI, which resolves SEGV in select_pucch_resource() and check_pucch_format()
      - Additional sanity checks included to catch false or erroneous DCI received
      - Wrong MCS table calculation and error in accessing ul_config_request at UE resolved
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      extending nsa fr1 test · 43da9007
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      Integration 2020 wk48 · 2529c20b
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      MR932 : Nr sa ngap rrc wk42 
      - Initial implementation of NGAP and RRC extensions for SA
      MR956 : Correct use of ssb_position bitmaps  
      MR958 : 5G NR Downlink DMRS Type 2
      - Implementation of 5G NR Downlink DMRS type 2 (generation on gNB side, channel estimation with linear interpolation in frequency domain on UE side), needed for MIMO
      MR961 : 5G NR UE TTI cleanup  
      - Remove current_thread_id array, nr_tti_rx, nr_tti_tx, subframe_rx and subframe_tx
      MR965 : fix a segdev
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