1. 26 Feb, 2021 1 commit
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      Fix RA-Msg2 to Initial BWP · d1ba40cc
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      Fix RA-Msg4 to Initial BWP · 2060cf45
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      Integration 2021 wk08 · 17d4c5c2
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      MR1046 : Add support for NR UL SC-FDMA up to 100 MHz
      MR1053Nr : pdcp nea2 security
      MR1049 : improve rfsim
      -Fix a regression 
      Earlier parameter reading was moved to an external thread,  
      Eventually the check at the end of the main was too early, 
      Declaration of  some extra parameters are now on command line
      use the rfsim as a server on UE side, so we can connect two xNB to one UE
      remove rfsim flags that have been made for convergence with replay function in usrp driver, but this is useless as they changed their code
      -Fix a bug in ubuntu 20.04 (now the code is ready in whole OAI)
      MR1056 : Bugfix: NR BSR calculation
      Fixes a bug in the scheduler for BSR calculation. 
      Before, we might wrongly track the BSR of a UE and not schedule it anymore although it has data. 
      Should be fixed now and improve UL throughput. 
      MR963 : Nr mac multi rach global edge
      -Handling of Multiple Users triggering RACH request in different RACH Occasions in same slot
      -Providing Random Access Response according to RACH request
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