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    • Remi Hardy's avatar
      integration_2021_wk30 · 4bfbb6f1
      Remi Hardy authored
      MR !1206 : nr_ue_remove_high_speed_flag
      This flag is always set to 1, 
      With multiple DMRS symbols configuration, very recent DMRS containing symbol shall be for channel estimation.
      MR !1205 : fix-lte-ue-modem-in-docker-container
      We bind the socket to any_addr (instead of localhost), so the commands to the UE can come also from a remote machine
      MR !1178 : NR_CSIRS_tomerge
      Implementation of CSI RS transmission at gNB
      MR !1211 : develop-NSA_SA_fixes
      Small fixes for NSA and SA
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    • Cedric Roux's avatar
      bugfix: fix allocation of RBGs for retransmission · 4a2c0b1e
      Cedric Roux authored
      When there is a retransmission, we want to use the same number of RBs.
      The RBs are allocated by groups (RBGs).
      In some cases (like a cell with 25 PRBs), the last RBG contains less RBs.
      So in case of a retransmission, if this last RBG was used before we need
      to reuse it to have the same number of RBs. If not, we will use more RBs
      for the retransmission than the previous transmission.
      In an experiment with two UEs (quectel modules) it was seen that when a
      retransmission happens with a different number of RBs then the UE is not
      happy at all, leading to way more NACKs in the harq processes than should
      happen (actually the first NACK was not a NACK at all, but the eNB did
      interpret it as a NACK; so the next transmission should simply be discarded
      by the UE that successfully received the first transmission; instead the UE
      fails to decode the data and sends a NACK, a real one this time).
      Maybe it's not the correct solution, but it improve things, there are