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The first thing to make sure is that you have the latest version of repo, as older versions might not work.
Follow the instructions from:
It is necessary to clone the `3.3.0` branch.
`python repo init -u -b 3.3.0`
If you wish to build the project with QEMU v8 for Aarch64 support, I have included the required modified manifest `qemu_v8.xml`, this is for QEMU v8 with the 3.3.0 versions of sources. The remote version does not have the correct version for the core OP-TEE repos and will not work.
Pass this local manifest file using `python repo init -m qemu_v8.xml"
Clone the `optee_fuzzer` project from into the build directory. However it expects the directory name to be `afl-tee`, so you can run `cp -r optee_fuzzer afl-tee`.
Next, apply `build.diff` and `optee_client.diff` patches from `optee_fuzzer`, and use the `optee_os.diff` which I have provided and modified from the original.
Git apply may not work so it is necessary to manually apply the patches.
Inside the OP-TEE build directory:
`patch -p1 < ../optee_os.diff` # Do not use the optee_os.diff from `optee_fuzzer`
`patch -p1 < ../optee_fuzzer/build.diff`
`patch -p1 < ../optee_fuzzer/optee_client.diff`
Finally we can build using:
cd build
make edk2 linux soc-term buildroot qemu
make run
I have also included ``, these include instructions to execute inside QEMU.
This diff is collapsed.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<remote name="github" fetch="" />
<default remote="github" revision="master" />
<!-- OP-TEE gits -->
<project path="optee_client" name="OP-TEE/optee_client.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="optee_os" name="OP-TEE/optee_os.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="optee_test" name="OP-TEE/optee_test.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="build" name="OP-TEE/build.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1">
<linkfile src="" dest="build/Makefile" />
<linkfile src="../toolchains/aarch64/bin/aarch64-linux-gnu-gdb" dest="build/gdb" />
<!-- linaro-swg gits -->
<project path="linux" name="linaro-swg/linux.git" revision="75065d7a22b08115477ae75b42139c5336e28293" />
<project path="optee_benchmark" name="linaro-swg/optee_benchmark.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1"/>
<project path="optee_examples" name="linaro-swg/optee_examples.git" revision="refs/tags/3.3.0" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="soc_term" name="linaro-swg/soc_term.git" revision="5493a6e7c264536f5ca63fe7511e5eed991e4f20" />
<!-- Misc gits -->
<project path="arm-trusted-firmware" name="ARM-software/arm-trusted-firmware.git" revision="refs/tags/v1.5-rc2" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="edk2" name="tianocore/edk2.git" revision="dd4cae4d82c7477273f3da455084844db5cca0c0" />
<project path="qemu" name="qemu/qemu.git" revision="refs/tags/v2.12.0" clone-depth="1" />
<project path="buildroot" name="buildroot/buildroot.git" revision="refs/tags/2018.08" clone-depth="1" />
# Mount the shared folder
mkdir -p /mnt/host
mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio host /mnt/host
# Invoking the example usage command
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/mnt/host/optee_client/out/libteec/ AFL_POST_LIBRARY=/mnt/host/afl-tee/out/ /mnt/host/afl/afl-fuzz -i /mnt/host/afl/seeds -t 300+ -o /tmp/state -M $1 -- /mnt/host/afl-tee/ca/tee_invoke_svc
Open-TEE successfully builds on Ubuntu 18.04 using the autotools build path.
Follow the instructions here:
However when the makefiles have been generated after running `../`, it was necessary for me to change `-rdynamic` to `--export-dynamic` in all generated makefiles due to my compiler.
It also may be necessary to use `-export-dynamic` instead, using only one dash.
While Open-TEE works successfully on 18.04, there are issues running the engine on 20.10.
Specifically the `tee_launcher` process is not created as expected in `emulator/opentee-main/main.c`
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