Welcome to EURECOM Gitlab Server

It is strictly reserved to EURECOM staff and theirs partners and should be used only for your professional activity.

  1. If you have a @eurecom.fr account, please use EURECOM tab !
    For username field, use your loginname.
    For password field, use your Linux password.

  2. Else, for guest or if you don't have a @eurecom.fr account, use External tab to create an account or to login, with your external domain email address 📤.

Only some specific email domain addresses are authorized to sign up.
If your professional email address is forbidden, please ask your EURECOM contact for authorization.
gmail.com, yahoo.com, qq.com and all public email domains are banned 🚫.

If a message cannot be delivered to the recipient because the e-mail address in the profile no longer exists, we will block the account. Users should contact informatique@eurecom.fr to unblock their account, specifying their new address.

Project managers: if you want to invite someone from EURECOM, please use firstname.name@eurecom.fr email address format.

Welcome to EURECOM Gitlab Server
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