Commit 1c196a9e authored by Louis Adrien Dufrene's avatar Louis Adrien Dufrene
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rrc inactivity timer reset in RRC Connection Release generation

parent 1bb53286
......@@ -2283,8 +2283,7 @@ int RCconfig_S1(
/* Default DRX param */
* Here we get the config of the first CC, since the s1ap_register_enb_req_t doesn't support multiple CC.
* It is not clear in the spec if the eNB can have different default paging values in case of several SIB2 from the same eNB.
* Yet, from the spec and logically, there should be a unique value associated with eNB.
* There is a unique value of defaultPagingCycle per eNB (same for multiple cells).
* Hence, it should be stated somewhere that the value should be the same for every CC, or put the value outside the CC
* in the conf file.
......@@ -2023,6 +2023,7 @@ rrc_eNB_generate_RRCConnectionRelease(
ue_context_pP->ue_context.ue_reestablishment_timer = 0;
ue_context_pP->ue_context.ue_release_timer = 0;
ue_context_pP->ue_context.ue_rrc_inactivity_timer = 0;
PROTOCOL_RRC_CTXT_UE_FMT" Logical Channel DL-DCCH, Generate RRCConnectionRelease (bytes %d)\n",
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