Commit 78051a31 authored by Louis Adrien Dufrene's avatar Louis Adrien Dufrene
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RRC inactivity timer on RRC connection setup: to be tested

parent a321e160
......@@ -1041,6 +1041,7 @@ rrc_eNB_process_RRCConnectionSetupComplete(
ue_context_pP->ue_context.Srb1.Active = 1;
ue_context_pP->ue_context.Status = RRC_CONNECTED;
ue_context_pP->ue_context.ue_rrc_inactivity_timer = 1; // set rrc inactivity when UE goes into RRC_CONNECTED
ue_context_pP->ue_context.ue_rrc_inactivity_timer_thres = 10000; // SHOULD NOT BE DONE HERE !!!!!
T(T_ENB_RRC_CONNECTION_SETUP_COMPLETE, T_INT(ctxt_pP->module_id), T_INT(ctxt_pP->frame),
T_INT(ctxt_pP->subframe), T_INT(ctxt_pP->rnti));
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