Commit 83c414fc authored by Konstantinos Alexandris's avatar Konstantinos Alexandris
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remove warnings (nb_e_rabs_tobeswitched not in use)

parent 80cf53a3
......@@ -2119,7 +2119,7 @@ int rrc_eNB_process_S1AP_PATH_SWITCH_REQ_ACK (MessageDef *msg_p, const char *msg
//memset(&create_tunnel_req, 0 , sizeof(create_tunnel_req));
uint8_t nb_e_rabs_tobeswitched = S1AP_PATH_SWITCH_REQ_ACK (msg_p).nb_e_rabs_tobeswitched;
//uint8_t nb_e_rabs_tobeswitched = S1AP_PATH_SWITCH_REQ_ACK (msg_p).nb_e_rabs_tobeswitched;
// keep the previous bearer
// the index for the rec
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