Commit 49e6a2b7 authored by Aikaterini Trilyraki's avatar Aikaterini Trilyraki
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add T for all lcids

parent d319a9f0
......@@ -945,7 +945,9 @@ schedule_ue_spec(
T(T_ENB_MAC_UE_DL_SDU, T_INT(module_idP), T_INT(CC_id), T_INT(rnti), T_INT(frameP), T_INT(subframeP),
T_INT(harq_pid), T_INT(lcid), T_INT(sdu_lengths[num_sdus]));
LOG_D(MAC,"[eNB %d][USER-PLANE DEFAULT DRB] Got %d bytes for DTCH %d \n",module_idP,sdu_lengths[num_sdus],lcid);
sdu_lcids[num_sdus] = lcid;
sdu_length_total += sdu_lengths[num_sdus];
......@@ -1096,7 +1098,7 @@ schedule_ue_spec(
"[eNB %d][DLSCH] Frame %d Generate header for UE_id %d on CC_id %d: sdu_length_total %d, num_sdus %d, sdu_lengths[0] %d, sdu_lcids[0] %d => payload offset %d,timing advance value : %d, padding %d,post_padding %d,(mcs %d, TBS %d, nb_rb %d),header_dcch %d, header_dtch %d\n",
module_idP,frameP, UE_id, CC_id, sdu_length_total,num_sdus,sdu_lengths[0],sdu_lcids[0],offset,
LOG_T(MAC,"[eNB %d] First 16 bytes of DLSCH : \n");
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