1. 23 Jun, 2017 2 commits
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      bladerf: minor: add log for RX overrun · a8ae85f6
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      bladerf: tentative to have it functional · 0da60274
      Cédric Roux authored
      Several problems are present.
      The first is that _write returns 0 instead of the
      number of samples. We solve it by returning
      The second is that _read may return less samples at
      the beginning and we don't want to exit for that.
      We solve it also by returning nsamps.
      (We still need to log more in this, to be done in the
      next commit.)
      The third is that after initialization we don't send
      anything for a while, time for the softmodem to finish
      its init. This generates lots of "RX overrun".
      We solve it by disabling TX and RX modules after init
      and then in trx_brf_start we activate them again (and
      also call bladerf_sync_config, which seems to be
      mandatory, and bladerf_calibrate_dc, which may be avoided,
      Maybe not the end of the story. Sometimes it works, UE connects,
      traffic is fine (tested only with 5MHz). Sometimes it does not,
      UE does not connect, or it connects but then traffic is bad,
      especially uplink.
      To be refined.
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