1. 17 Feb, 2017 9 commits
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      use ln -sf instead of ln -s in cmake_targets/build_oai · baeb9303
      Cédric Roux authored
      When rebuilding oaisim, I had a failure because the target
      link already exists. The -f flag forces the link to be done.
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      remove wrong comment · 053704b5
      Cédric Roux authored
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      integration fix: let oaisim (S1) work again · ac7c0df5
      Cédric Roux authored
      - some cleanup
      - thread names to include UE Mod_id
      - arg of UE_thread_rxn_txnp4 to be struct rx_tx_thread_data again
      - sync in UE_thread_rxn_txnp4 to use instance_cnt_rxtx again
      - UE_thread to call itti_send_msg_to_task with UE->Mod_id + NB_eNB_INST
        instead of INSTANCE_DEFAULT again
      This may break the softmodem UE, to be tested.
      The most problematic thing may be the synchronization.
      I don't think it will impact the processing at all,
      but I won't bet my shirt on it.
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      redo commit 58052152 · 7c11cf96
      Cédric Roux authored
      git show -p 58052152
      to see what it's about
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      redo commit 157707b0 · 122953d9
      Cédric Roux authored
      git show 157707b0
      to see what it's about
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      integration fix: restore enb.band7.tm1.usrpb210.conf · f58c7b1b
      Cédric Roux authored
      Many variables were changed that should not have been changed.
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      Revert "fix nettle" · 76574a1a
      Cédric Roux authored
      This reverts commit d31634c3.
      Laurent Thomas had a problem on one machine with the build_oai
      way of checking for nettle.
      The problem with the alternative solution of including nettle/bignum.h
      is that it is very unclear.
      The problem with nettle is that the file nettle/config.h does not
      exist for version 2. It was introduced in version 3.
      We want to support both versions, but there is an API incompatibility.
      So we need an #if #else mechanism.
      The file nettle/bignum.h is present in both versions 2 and 3 and it
      includes nettle/version.h in the version 3.
      So by including this file, we can check for the existence of
      NETTLE_VERSION_MAJOR (that comes from nettle/config.h) in the
      But as you can see, the reasoning is way too complex.
      So it's better to keep the check in cmake_targets/CMakeLists.txt.
      As long as we support version 2 this will be the way to go.
      It is possible to force a given version in specific non-generic
      customized environments.
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      Merge branch 'develop-realtime-lts' into develop_integration_w07 · eadcba95
      Gabriel authored
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  2. 16 Feb, 2017 13 commits
  3. 15 Feb, 2017 3 commits
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      bugfix: fix PDCP inst · 7d9945e8
      Cédric Roux authored
      This commit is a continuation of 614d6bbe
      (ue_ip: use correct instance).
      Now in openair2/NETWORK_DRIVER/UE_IP/common.c the 'inst' is not
      forced to 1 anymore, we take the value 'pdcph_p->inst'.
      It turns out that 'pdcph_p->inst' is 0 instead of 1 when we
      run lte-softmodem as an UE.
      So let's modify PDCP to set 'inst' to 1 where it was set to 0 for
      the UE softmodem case, and skip the places where it is reset to 0,
      still for the UE softmodem case.
      This may break things, I am not sure.
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      bugfix: variable was on the stack · 7b36af05
      Cédric Roux authored
      Guess what happens when we return from the function...
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  4. 14 Feb, 2017 10 commits
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      [OAI-UE] fix pucch format2 regression · bfa8a28c
      Bilel authored
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      remove debug traces · 23c75476
      Thomas Laurent authored
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      gcc warning fix · d65d91dd
      Thomas Laurent authored
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      cleanup lte-softmodem.c · f52a42ed
      Cédric Roux authored
      For whatever reason, lte-softmodem.c was totally messed up...
      We took the version from the branch develop and added
      abstraction_flag, which is needed in openair2/LAYER2/MAC/main.c
      (this is not clean, previous commit added a comment for this).
      This has to be cleaned at some point.
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      UE logging, Replace LOG_I by LOG_D · 4ecdfa05
      Gabriel authored
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      minor: add a comment · 6c789a36
      Cédric Roux authored
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      fix build_oai · 09139ab0
      Cédric Roux authored
      - the option --UE was abused! Let's introduce --UE-conf-nvram and
      - the option name --UE-OUTPUT was not clear and is now replaced by
      - the new options are described when running ./build_oai -h
      - print_help has been modified (' replaced by ") to print
        $conf_nvram_path and $gen_nvram_path
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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tm4-fixes' into develop_integration_w07 · 2dc9dc03
      Gabriel authored
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      ue_ip: use correct instance · 614d6bbe
      Cédric Roux authored
      The problem was the following.
      Run oaisim with two UEs:
          sudo ../cmake_targets/oaisim_build_oai/build/oaisim -O enb.conf -u2 -s15 -AAWGN -y1 -b1 -Q0
      Then wait for both UEs to be connected. The interfaces "oip1" and "oip2" are
      activated, with IP addresses for the first UE and for
      the second.
      Then on the EPC machine, do:
      No reply.
      On the oaisim machine, we see that the packets are sent to "oip1" instead
      of "oip2".
      The fix may break softmodem UE. The inst was forced to "1" for some reason.
      To be checked.
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      deal with empty subframes at UE side even in oaisim · f66f6e49
      Cédric Roux authored
      The memset was also too big. It should only clear
      one subframe.
      Only tested without abstraction.
      Abstraction does not work for the moment anyway, but just to
      keep that in mind.
  5. 13 Feb, 2017 5 commits
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      [OAI-UE] fix ack/nack reporting on pusch · 9ecae183
      Gabriel authored
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      rewrite synchronisation in oaisim/channel simulation · b904ce79
      Cédric Roux authored
      The idea is as follows.
      oaisim waits for all tasks to be done for a TTI.
      To do so it waits for last_rx_timestamp == current_rx_timestamp,
      for all UEs and eNBs.
      When it's done, it increases current_rx_timestamp by samples_per_tti,
      to inform UEs and eNBs that a new TTI is ready.
      In the functions [UE|eNB]_trx_read, we wait for a new TTI to be ready,
      that is we wait for current_rx_timestamp != last_rx_timestamp.
      The UE has also to wait for processing threads to be done.
      In the eNB it's not necessary because the processing is all
      done in one thread, that is: read subframe, process this subframe,
      emit subframe+4, and then back to read subframe.
      The code is not clean. We should not use usleep but semaphores.
      Also, do_[DL|UL]_sig should not read from rxdata and write to txdata,
      but use internal buffers.
      The functions [UE|eNB]_trx_read should call do_[DL|UL]_sig and then
      copy from the internal buffers of the channel simulator into rxdata.
      The functions [UE|eNB]_trx_write should write data passed into the
      internal buffers of the channel simulator.
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      bugfix: eNB_id should have been UE_id · 14aa9678
      Cédric Roux authored
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