Commit 8b28147c authored by Daniele Venzano's avatar Daniele Venzano
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Add more validation checks to the new fields

parent 894f5045
......@@ -180,7 +180,7 @@ class ServiceDescription:
return d
def from_dict(self, data):
required_keys = ['name', 'docker_image', 'monitor']
required_keys = ['name', 'docker_image', 'monitor', 'total_count', 'essential_count', 'startup_order']
for k in required_keys:
setattr(self, k, data[k])
......@@ -194,18 +194,22 @@ class ServiceDescription:
self.total_count = int(data['total_count'])
if self.total_count < 1:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="total_count must be bigger than zero")
except ValueError:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="total_count field should be an int")
self.essential_count = int(data['essential_count'])
if self.essential_count < 0 or self.essential_count > self.total_count:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="essential_count must be between zero and total_count")
except ValueError:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="essential_count field should be an int")
self.startup_order = int(data['start_order'])
self.startup_order = int(data['startup_order'])
except ValueError:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="start_order field should be an int")
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="startup_order field should be an int")
if 'ports' not in data:
raise InvalidApplicationDescription(msg="Missing required key: ports")
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