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How to contribute
Zoe applications
Zoe applications are maintained in the `zoe-applications <>`_ repository, feel free to fork it and generate pull requests for new applications, frameworks and services.
API documentation
......@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ To better understand what we mean by "analytic service", here are a few examples
* Impala
* ... suggestions welcome!
A number of predefined applications available for testing and customization is available in the `zoe-applications <>`_ repository.
Have a look at the :ref:`vision` and at the `roadmap <>`_ to see what we are currently
planning and feel free to `contact us <>`_ via email or through the GitHub issue tracker to pose questions or suggest ideas and new features.
......@@ -59,15 +59,9 @@ repositories and is very easy to set up.
Images: Docker Hub Vs local Docker registry
The images used by Zoe are available on the Docker Hub:
The Zoe master will run a gateway container for each user. The image for this container is available on the `Docker Hub <>`_ and is generated from the Dockerfile in the ``gateway-image`` directory of the main Zoe repository.
Since the Docker Hub can be slow, we strongly suggest setting up a private registry. The ```` script in the
`zoe-docker-images <>`_ repository can help you populate the registry
bypassing the Hub.
The images are quite standard and can be used also without Zoe. Examples on how to do that, are available in the ``scripts/`` directory.
Since the Docker Hub can be slow, we strongly suggest setting up a private registry, containing also the Zoe Service images. Have a look at the `zoe-applications <>`_ repository for examples of Zoe Applications and Services.
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