Commit 66124e77 authored by Daniele Venzano's avatar Daniele Venzano

Remove the expose port feature

parent 8b2a6b46
......@@ -72,10 +72,6 @@ def _spawn_service(execution: Execution, service: Service, env_subst_dict: dict)
raise ZoeStartExecutionFatalException("unknown variable in expression {}".format(env_value))
copts.add_env_variable(env_name, env_value)
for p in service.description['ports']:
if p['expose']:
copts.ports.append(p['port_number']) # FIXME UDP ports?
if 'volumes' in service.description:
for path, mount_point, readonly in service.description['volumes']:
copts.add_volume_bind(path, mount_point, readonly)
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