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    improve crnti reception (still not correct, we need to reconfigure the UE) · 256c5ab0
    Cedric Roux authored
    TODO: if the UE did random access (followed by a MAC uplink with
    CRNTI) because none of its scheduling request was granted, then
    according to 36.321 5.4.4 the UE's MAC will notify RRC to release
    PUCCH/SRS. According to 36.331 5.3.13 the UE will then apply
    default configuration for CQI reporting and scheduling requests,
    which basically means that the CQI requests won't work anymore and
    that the UE won't do any scheduling request anymore as long as the
    eNB doesn't reconfigure the UE.
    We have to take care of this. As the code is, nothing is done and
    the UE state in the eNB is wrong.