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    fix dependancies in CMakeLists.txt for the T tracer · fc6dec9e
    Cedric Roux authored
    On some hosts, compilations with the T tracer was failing.
    The error was:
      common/utils/T/T.h:15:19: fatal error: T_IDs.h: No such file or directory
    The problem was that in CMakeLists.txt some targets depend on the
    pre-generation of T_IDs.h but this dependancy relation was not set,
    so those targets could be generated before the T (it was the case
    with HASHTABLE).
    This commit fixes that. Basically, we take all the targets found in
    "add_executable" and "add_library" and make them depend on the
    T if the T is enabled. Almost all existing targets were added,
    even those that may not need it.
    The problem of this approach is that someone adding a new target
    using the T will not necessarily add a dependancy there.
    Another solution would be to generate T_IDs.h at "cmake" stage,
    not "make" stage and use an "if (NOT EXISTS T_IDs.h)" to generate
    the file. We lose the dependancy relation though.
    Things may be changed if maintenance cost is too high.