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kpm parameters:

gnanasek requested to merge kpm_parameters into sproject

Added the following gNb parameters to KPM SM agent part. As well for KPM SM,

  • Active User: RNTI
  • CQI: wb_cqi
  • PRB_utilization: dl_aggr_prb
  • PDCP_throughput: txpdu_bytes, rxpdu_bytes
  • RLC Latency: txpdu_wt_ms
  • RLC throughput: txpdu_types, rxpdu_bytes
  • RSRP: Average RSRP from gNb:
  • Block error Rate: dl_bler, ul_bler

The missing part of report type 1 is only the insertion of label info part. I created the structure in the Encoding and decoding KPM label info, The label information in the database hasn't done yet still need to implement to complete the report style 1.

This reverts commit c69fe666

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