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Fix: refactor filling rnd RC ran func def and remove version in short name to...

Chieh-Chun Chen requested to merge fix-rc-shortnmae into dev

This MR fixes the shortname for RC from "E2SM-RC" to "ORAN-E2SM-RC" while filling random rc ran func def, and modify the filling rc ran func def function to use the definitions of shortname/OID/descirption from rc_sm_id.h.

Note: to be abled decoded both KPM and RC ran function from wireshark, need to use shortname "ORAN-E2SM-KPM" instead "ORAN-E2SM-KPM-vxx.xx" Once the RAN function definition in the E2 setup request can be decoded successfully from wireshark, which stores the available RAN functions in the dissector, so the following messages (ex: RIC Control Request, RIC Indication Message, RIC Subscription Request, etc) will be able decoded successfully.


Note: wireshark version: v4.3.0rc0-1280-gd0bb6b3dfe0e, supported E2AP v3, KPM v3, RC v1


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