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Other Labels

  • Bug
    oai / cn5g / oai-cn5g-fed
  • Documentation
    This merge request adds documentation. Usually there is no need to run CI testing
    oai / cn5g
  • Feature
    This merge request implements a new feature
    oai / cn5g
  • Fix
    This merge request implements a bug fix
    oai / cn5g
  • HW-Validation-Failure
    Manual HW Validation failed.
    oai / cn5g
  • HW-Validation-OK
    Manuel Validation w/ Real gNB/UE passed.
    oai / cn5g
  • Refactor
    Code clean-up effort
    oai / cn5g
  • Test
    This merge request adds a test
    oai / cn5g
  • v1.3
    2021-Q4 Milestone
    oai / cn5g
  • v1.4
    2022-Q1 Milestone
    oai / cn5g
  • v1.5
    2022-Q2 Milestone
    oai / cn5g
  • v1.6
    End of 2022 Q4
    oai / cn5g
  • Waiting-For-HW-Validation
    Manual validation with Real gNB and Real Commercial UE to be done.
    oai / cn5g