Commit dd228492 authored by Tien-Thinh Nguyen's avatar Tien-Thinh Nguyen
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update IE Update_PDR (PFCP)

parent 0eed4679
......@@ -8039,6 +8039,9 @@ public:
explicit pfcp_update_pdr_ie(const pfcp::update_pdr& b) : pfcp_grouped_ie(PFCP_IE_UPDATE_PDR){
std::shared_ptr<pfcp_pdr_id_ie> sie(new pfcp_pdr_id_ie(b.pdr_id)); add_ie(sie);
if (b.far_id.first) {std::shared_ptr<pfcp_far_id_ie> sie(new pfcp_far_id_ie(b.far_id.second)); add_ie(sie);}
if (b.pdi.first) { std::shared_ptr<pfcp_pdi_ie> sie(new pfcp_pdi_ie(b.pdi.second)); add_ie(sie);}
pfcp_update_pdr_ie() : pfcp_grouped_ie(PFCP_IE_UPDATE_PDR){
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