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Integrate QoS feature

Stefan Spettel requested to merge qos_develop into develop


Implement everything related to the first QoS release

  • Support of multiple QoS flows based on PCC rules
  • Integrate PCC rules and QoS flows in UPF graph structure
  • Mapping between SDF filter and NAS filter rulres
  • Mapping between PCC QoS data and NAS QoS data (i.e. GBR info, 5QI, etc)
  • Correct handling of QFIs
  • Fix NAS AMBR and GBR values
  • Fix NGAP AMBR values

What is still missing

  • Send QERs as we have a dependency to UPF here

Tests to be done

  • N2 handover
  • Service request with multiple PDU sessions

We have to think how we can replicate these scenarios ourselves (e.g. just send binary blobs and make very easy checks in robot framework)

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