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    free memory when stopping/restarting lte-softmodem · d0922311
    Robert Schmidt authored
    - add function free_td() -> complements init_td() [seems to not be used, added
      for completeness]
    - add function free_td8() -> undoes init_td8() [free memory of 8-bit LLR Turbo
    - add function free_td16() -> undoes init_td16() [free memory of 16-bit LLR
      Turbo decoder]
    - change function free_tdavx216() -> undoes init_tdavx216() [free memory of
      16-bit LLR Turbo decoder, AVX2 version]
    - add free_lte_top() -> frees memory allocated by init_lte_top()
    - change free_ul_ref_sigs() to set freed pointers to NULL
    - add method free_transport() -> frees memory of ULSCH/DLSCH transport channels
    - use the above functions when stopping/restarting the lte-softmodem
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