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    bugfix: fix timing advance · 6da42658
    Cedric Roux authored
    - remove global variables in the function lte_est_timing_advance_pusch
    - do the smoothing logic that was in lte_est_timing_advance_pusch
      in rx_sdu (is it necessary? is it correct?)
    - put back the value 100 in prach_procedures for the test on prach energy
    - change the value of timing_advance_update
      it was:
         timing_advance_update                  = sync_pos - eNB->frame_parms.nb_prefix_samples/4; //to check
      it is now:
         timing_advance_update                  = sync_pos; // - eNB->frame_parms.nb_prefix_samples/4; //to check
      this should be checked somehow. The computation looked suspicious. Maybe
      the new one is wrong.