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    import NFAPI work from David Price from Cisco (non-working commit, do not use it) · 7757b9e7
    Cedric Roux authored
    It has been chosen to not include the full history of commits
    from David. He included a binary version of wireshark, probably
    a modified one that understands NFAPI. Wireshark is released under
    the GPL license, we cannot include it in the repository. We could
    have done a next commit to remove this binary. But then it would
    still be present in the history of commits, which may not be allowed.
    And it would take space on disk. We could edit the history to remove
    wireshark entirely. But this operation is too complicated.
    There was also a pcap capture file, which has nothing to do in
    the history of commits and would take space on disk. There again,
    it's too difficult to edit the history to remove it.
    There was a file .gitignore that was also removed.
    The original history can be found on David's repository:
    The branch is: nfapi-ru-rau-split.
    A copy of that branch has been included in the internal OAI
    repository, for those who have access to it.
    The branch is the same. The last commit ID is
    You can compare the current commit with the commit 9106...
    to see what differs.
    The current commit has to be considered non-working.
    The commit following the current commit will fix problems with
    the work in the current commit.
    If you use git bisect, don't spend time analyzing the current