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    bugfix: fix initialUEMessage criticality · f55cbe47
    Cedric Roux authored
    S1AP specs say:
        initialUEMessage S1AP-ELEMENTARY-PROCEDURE ::= {
            INITIATING MESSAGE      InitialUEMessage
            PROCEDURE CODE          id-initialUEMessage
            CRITICALITY             ignore
    So let's use "ignore", not "reject".
    The online decoder http://asn1-playground.oss.com/ did
    not decode a message encoded by the eNB because of this.
    Only the S1AP messages captured while doing a simple connection
    of one UE have been tested with the online decoder.
    So, not all the S1AP messages have been checked, maybe some
    instances of this problem are still there.
    It does not seem to harm the actual UE<->eNB<->EPC communication
    (because we don't check the integrity of messages or because
    asn1c does not do it), so it's not a big deal.