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    remove asn1 compilation fixes that went to asn1c (IMPORTANT: reinstall asn1c!) · b5a03474
    Cedric Roux authored
    The files NativeInteger.c.diff and constr_SET_OF.c.diff
    from asn1c were generating compilation warnings. We had
    local patches applied on generated files by asn1c.
    A new version of asn1c has been pushed to
    (commit 224dc1f991b7e7ad705ce92e171b942f87b7b7e7)
    making obsolete the fixes we do here.
    So we now remove those fixes.
    * IMPORTANT BEGIN       *
    Everyone should update their asn1c installation.
    The simplest is to do:
        source oaienv
        cd cmake_targets
        ./build_oai -I
    * IMPORTANT END         *
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