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    import work from the branch nfapi-L2-emulator to merge it to develop · f254107b
    Cedric Roux authored
    It was not possible to merge the branch directly, because the
    history of this branch contains files that cannot be in the
    repository, namely wireshark from Cisco work on nFAPI.
    As for Cisco work on nFAPI, a special commit containing all the
    work is thus created.
    Below is the output of the command:
    git log --graph 184d51c6..61276d87
    184d51c6 is the commit ID of the develop
    branch prior to the merge.
    61276d87 is the commit ID of the
    nfapi-L2-emulator branch prior to the merge.
    The commit 61276d87 (and all its
    history) will be removed from the main OAI repository. It is
    present in the internal OAI repository for those who have access
    to it.
    There was also some cleanup done on the code.
    Some changes were necessary to have the eNB functional. They may have an
    impact on the FAPI ...
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