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update instructions regarding PC5-D

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......@@ -62,8 +62,6 @@ Test with Iperf
Filter the incomming packets according to GroupL2Id: receiver (one-to-many) can discard the packets if it doesn't belong to this group.
For the moment, both sender and receiver use the same set of Ids (hardcoded)
UE1 (sender)
- sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub -U --emul_iface eth0
- ./vencore_app #send the sourceL2Id, groupL2Id to OAI
......@@ -83,5 +81,13 @@ step 2:
step 3:
- UE1: ./vencore_app -s #send a message via PC5-S (e.g., DirectCommunicationRequest)
step 1:
- UE1: sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub -U --emul_iface eth0
- UE1: ./vencore_app -d #send a PC5-Discovery-Announcement via PC5D
step 2:
- UE2: sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub -U --emul_iface eno1
- UE2: ./vencore_app -d #send a PC5-Discovery-Announcement via PC5D
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