Commit 20a6f978 authored by Elena Lukashova's avatar Elena Lukashova
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Small changes for writing precoder in data_out file.

Please note that to test precoder it is necessary to run Perfect_CE
parent d765d1f2
......@@ -3454,11 +3454,11 @@ n(tikz_fname,"w");
//saving PMI in case of Transmission Mode > 5
if (trials==0 && round==0 && transmission_mode>=5){
if (trials==0 && round==0 && transmission_mode>=4){
for (iii=0; iii<NB_RB; iii++){
//fprintf(csv_fd, "%d, %d", (PHY_vars_UE->lte_ue_pdsch_vars[eNB_id]->pmi_ext[iii]),(PHY_vars_UE->lte_ue_pdsch_vars[eNB_id_i]->pmi_ext[iii]));
printf("%x ",(PHY_vars_UE->lte_ue_pdsch_vars[eNB_id]->pmi_ext[iii]));
//printf("%x ",(PHY_vars_UE->lte_ue_pdsch_vars[eNB_id]->pmi_ext[iii]));
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