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Added remaining fill_harq indication functions + the functionality to handle...

Added remaining fill_harq indication functions + the functionality to handle ul_config request pdus arriving from nfapi-vnf: trigger the appropriate UE_MAC and fill_indication functions to prepare the UL_indications which will be put into the socket for transfer back to vnf. Main changes within phy_stub_UE().
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* Copyright 2017 Cisco Systems, Inc.
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#ifndef _DEBUG_H_
#define _DEBUG_H_
/*! The trace levels used by the nfapi libraries */
typedef enum nfapi_trace_level
} nfapi_trace_level_t;
/*! The trace function pointer */
typedef void (*nfapi_trace_fn_t)(nfapi_trace_level_t level, const char* format, ...);
/*! Global trace function */
extern nfapi_trace_fn_t nfapi_trace_g;
/*! Global trace level */
extern nfapi_trace_level_t nfapi_trace_level_g;
/*! NFAPI trace macro */
#define NFAPI_TRACE(level, format, ...) { if(nfapi_trace_g && ((nfapi_trace_level_t)level <= nfapi_trace_level_g)) (*nfapi_trace_g)(level, format, ##__VA_ARGS__); }
/*! Function to change the trace level
* \param new_level The modified trace level
void nfapi_set_trace_level(nfapi_trace_level_t new_level);
#endif /* _DEBUG_H_ */
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -1766,7 +1766,6 @@ void ue_ulsch_uespec_procedures(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,UE_rxtx_proc_t *proc,uint8_t eNB
if (ue->mac_enabled == 1) {
// signal MAC that Msg3 was sent
// Substitute call to this function by call to fill_Tx_indication (UE_MAC_Tx_IND_Msg3_TYPE)
......@@ -1784,9 +1783,6 @@ void ue_ulsch_uespec_procedures(PHY_VARS_UE *ue,UE_rxtx_proc_t *proc,uint8_t eNB
//if (ue->ulsch[eNB_id]->harq_processes[harq_pid]->calibration_flag == 0) {
// Panos: Remove the call to ue_get_sdu here and use
// the corresponding Tx.request PDU, instead of ulsch_input_buffer, below.
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@
#include "UTIL/OPT/opt.h"
#include "OCG.h"
#include "OCG_extern.h"
#include "openair2/PHY_INTERFACE/phy_stub_UE.h"
#ifdef PHY_EMUL
# include "SIMULATION/simulation_defs.h"
......@@ -71,6 +72,8 @@
extern uint8_t usim_test;
extern UL_IND_t *UL_INFO;
#ifndef USER_MODE
#define msg debug_msg
......@@ -1586,7 +1589,9 @@ for (lcid=DCCH; (lcid < MAX_NUM_LCID) && (is_all_lcid_processed == FALSE) ; lcid
// build PHR and update the timers
if (phr_ce_len == sizeof(POWER_HEADROOM_CMD)) {
phr_p->PH = get_phr_mapping(module_idP,CC_id,eNB_index);
//Panos: Substitute with a static value for the MAC layer abstraction
//phr_p->PH = get_phr_mapping(module_idP,CC_id,eNB_index);
phr_p->PH = 40;
phr_p->R = 0;
LOG_D(MAC,"[UE %d] Frame %d report PHR with mapping (%d->%d) for LCID %d\n",
module_idP,frameP, get_PHR(module_idP,CC_id,eNB_index), phr_p->PH,POWER_HEADROOM);
......@@ -1595,6 +1600,7 @@ for (lcid=DCCH; (lcid < MAX_NUM_LCID) && (is_all_lcid_processed == FALSE) ; lcid
LOG_T(MAC,"[UE %d] Frame %d: bsr s %p bsr_l %p, phr_p %p\n", module_idP,frameP,bsr_s, bsr_l, phr_p);
......@@ -1804,7 +1810,6 @@ for (lcid=DCCH; (lcid < MAX_NUM_LCID) && (is_all_lcid_processed == FALSE) ; lcid
// Panos: Tx_request should be filled from the ulsch_buffer here.
if (opt_enabled) {
trace_pdu(0, ulsch_buffer, buflen, module_idP, 3, UE_mac_inst[module_idP].crnti, UE_mac_inst[module_idP].txFrame, UE_mac_inst[module_idP].txSubframe, 0, 0);
......@@ -1813,6 +1818,8 @@ for (lcid=DCCH; (lcid < MAX_NUM_LCID) && (is_all_lcid_processed == FALSE) ; lcid
// called at each subframe
// Performs :
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -11,10 +11,15 @@
#include <stdint.h>
#include "openair2/PHY_INTERFACE/IF_Module.h"
#include "nfapi_interface.h"
#include "nfapi_pnf_interface.h"
//#include "openair1/PHY/LTE_TRANSPORT/defs.h"
//#include "openair1/PHY/defs.h"
//#include "openair1/PHY/LTE_TRANSPORT/defs.h"
// Panos: This function should return all the sched_response config messages which concern a specific UE. Inside this
// function we should somehow make the translation of config message's rnti to Mod_ID.
......@@ -24,6 +29,8 @@ Sched_Rsp_t get_nfapi_sched_response(uint8_t Mod_id);
// namely:ue_send_sdu(), or ue_decode_si(), or ue_decode_p(), or ue_process_rar() based on the rnti type.
void handle_nfapi_UE_Rx(uint8_t Mod_id, Sched_Rsp_t *Sched_INFO, int eNB_id);
int pnf_ul_config_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_ul_config_request_t* req);
// This function will be processing UL and HI_DCI0 config requests to trigger all the MAC Tx related calls
// at the UE side, namely: ue_get_SR(), ue_get_rach(), ue_get_sdu() based on the pdu configuration type.
// The output of these calls will be put to an UL_IND_t structure which will then be the input to
......@@ -35,12 +42,15 @@ void send_nfapi_UL_indications(UL_IND_t UL_INFO);
// This function should be filling the nfapi ULSCH indications at the MAC level of the UE in a similar manner
// as fill_rx_indication() does. It should get called from ue_get_SDU()
void fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint8_t *ulsch_buffer, uint16_t buflen);
//void fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,int frame,int subframe);
void fill_rx_indication_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint8_t *ulsch_buffer, uint16_t buflen, uint16_t rnti);
// This function should be indicating directly to the eNB when there is a planned scheduling request at the MAC layer
// of the UE. It should get called from ue_get_SR()
void fill_sr_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO);
void fill_sr_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint16_t rnti);
// In our case the this function will be always indicating ACK to the MAC of the eNB (i.e. always assuming)
// successful decoding.
......@@ -50,7 +60,21 @@ void fill_crc_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_
void fill_rach_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id,int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint8_t ra_PreambleIndex, uint16_t ra_RNTI);
void fill_ulsch_cqi_indication(int Mod_id, uint16_t frame,uint8_t subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO);
void fill_ulsch_cqi_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id, uint16_t frame,uint8_t subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, uint16_t rnti);
void fill_ulsch_harq_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id, int frame,int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO, nfapi_ul_config_ulsch_harq_information *harq_information, uint16_t rnti);
void fill_uci_harq_indication_UE_MAC(int Mod_id, int frame, int subframe, UL_IND_t *UL_INFO,nfapi_ul_config_harq_information *harq_information, uint16_t rnti
/*uint8_t tdd_mapping_mode,
uint16_t tdd_multiplexing_mask*/);
int ul_config_req_UE_MAC(nfapi_pnf_p7_config_t* pnf_p7, nfapi_ul_config_request_t* req);
void handle_nfapi_ul_pdu_UE_MAC(module_id_t Mod_id,
nfapi_ul_config_request_pdu_t *ul_config_pdu,
uint16_t frame,uint8_t subframe,uint8_t srs_present);
#endif /* PHY_STUB_UE_H_ */
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