Commit 689eae92 authored by shahab's avatar shahab
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Fix Bug dl scheduler

parent 897c8da2
......@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ void _assign_rbs_required (module_id_t Mod_id,
nb_rbs_required[CC_id][UE_id] += min_rb_unit[CC_id];
if (nb_rbs_required[CC_id][UE_id] > nb_rbs_allowed_slice[CC_id][slice_id]) {
TBS = mac_xface->get_TBS_DL(flexran_get_ue_wcqi(Mod_id, UE_id), nb_rbs_allowed_slice[CC_id][slice_id]);
TBS = mac_xface->get_TBS_DL(cqi_to_mcs[flexran_get_ue_wcqi(Mod_id, UE_id)], nb_rbs_allowed_slice[CC_id][slice_id]);
nb_rbs_required[CC_id][UE_id] = nb_rbs_allowed_slice[CC_id][slice_id];
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