Commit 98a7a16e authored by Gabriel's avatar Gabriel Committed by Cédric Roux
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bug fixes from Fujitsu (bug 21)

Note: this fix does not solve the issue with how
this buffer is used in this function, but I'm not
sure this code is used at all (Cédric Roux).

bug 21

PAYLOAD_MAX=1500, so this coding results in index overflow.
Additionally, operator "!=" just compairs something, this
coding is meaningless.

Bug Location:
buffer[PAYLOAD_MAX] != '\0';

Detected by CppCheck
parent bdaef795
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ void *recv_ip4_tcp(void* csock)
LOG_I(OTG,"SOCKET:: TCP-IP4 :: size=%d received=%d, Received buffer: %s \n\n\n", strlen(buffer), sock_rcv, buffer);
buffer[PAYLOAD_MAX] != '\0';
//buffer[PAYLOAD_MAX] != '\0';
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