Commit 99cf3b65 authored by Xenofon Foukas's avatar Xenofon Foukas
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Added functions to get the current frame and subframe

parent f2f0e68f
......@@ -282,6 +282,18 @@ int get_current_time_ms (mid_t mod_id, int subframe_flag){
int get_current_frame (mid_t mod_id) {
return ((eNB_MAC_INST *)enb[mod_id])->frame;
int get_current_subframe (mid_t mod_id) {
return ((eNB_MAC_INST *)enb[mod_id])->subframe;
int get_num_ues (mid_t mod_id){
return ((UE_list_t *)enb_ue[mod_id])->num_UEs;
......@@ -104,6 +104,10 @@ void set_enb_vars(mid_t mod_id, ran_name_t ran);
int get_current_time_ms (mid_t mod_id, int subframe_flag);
int get_current_frame(mid_t mod_id);
int get_current_subframe(mid_t mod_id);
int get_num_ues(mid_t mod_id);
int get_ue_crnti (mid_t mod_id, mid_t ue_id);
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