Commit a9eb51f1 authored by knopp's avatar knopp
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prach.rxsigF allocation

parent b360afd0
......@@ -854,6 +854,8 @@ void init_eNB_afterRU() {
AssertFatal(eNB->num_RU>0,"Number of RU attached to eNB %d is zero\n",eNB->Mod_id);
LOG_I(PHY,"Mapping RX ports from %d RUs to eNB %d\n",eNB->num_RU,eNB->Mod_id);
eNB->frame_parms.nb_antennas_rx = 0;
eNB->prach_vars.rxsigF = (int16_t*)malloc16(64*sizeof(int16_t*));
for (ru_id=0,aa=0;ru_id<eNB->num_RU;ru_id++) {
eNB->frame_parms.nb_antennas_rx += eNB->RU_list[ru_id]->nb_rx;
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