Commit c4707bd8 authored by FredericLeroy's avatar FredericLeroy
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UE: fix nvram_data load filename

parent b43c6cbf
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ void nas_user_initialize(nas_user_t *user, emm_indication_callback_t emm_cb,
user->nas_user_nvdata = calloc_or_fail(sizeof(user_nvdata_t));
/* Get UE data stored in the non-volatile memory device */
int rc = memory_read(user->usim_data_store, user->nas_user_nvdata, sizeof(user_nvdata_t));
int rc = memory_read(user->user_nvdata_store, user->nas_user_nvdata, sizeof(user_nvdata_t));
if (rc != RETURNok) {
LOG_TRACE(ERROR, "USR-MAIN - Failed to read %s", user->nas_user_nvdata);
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