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Scenario 1 : Off-network UE2UE link
SynchREF UE (UE1)
UE1(eth0 - -
Prepare the environment:
- git clone
This branch contains all the current development for DDPS
- UE MAC<-> UE MAC for Scenario 1
- eNB MAC<->UE MAC (NFAPI Transport)
- RRC Extensions for “on-network” cases
NFAPI configuration (required even for Scenario 1 target)
- git clone
- cd open-nfapi
- patch -p1 --dry-run < $OPENAIR_HOME/open-nfapi.oai.patch
Validate that there are no errors
- patch -p1 < $OPENAIR_HOME/open-nfapi.oai.patch
OAI build/execute
- export NFAPI_DIR=XXX (place where NFAPI was installed)
- cd cmake_targets
- ./build_oai --UE
- cd lte_build_oai/build/
- cp ../../../targets/bin/.ue* .
- cp ../../../targets/bin/.usim* .
- sudo insmod ../../../targets/bin/ue_ip.ko
- sudo ifconfig oip0
- sudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t mangle -o oip0 -d -j MARK --set-mark 3
- (if necessary) sudo route add default gw eth0
- sudo ifconfig oip1
- sudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t mangle -o oip1 -d -j MARK --set-mark 3
- (if necessary) sudo route add default gw eth0
Run UE1, then UE2
- sudo ./lte-softmodem-stub -U --emul_iface eth0
Test with Ping
- Sender - UE1: ping -I oip0
- Receiver - UE2: using wireshark
Test with Iperf
- Sender - UE1: iperf -c -u -b 0.1M --bind -t 100
- Receiver - UE2: sudo ./mcreceive 5001
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