Commit d65d91dd authored by Thomas Laurent's avatar Thomas Laurent
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gcc warning fix

parent fa432bdd
......@@ -370,10 +370,10 @@ static inline uint64_t checkTCPU(int timeout, char * file, int line) {
double microCycles=(double)(cpuf*1000);
int duration=(int)((cur-last)/microCycles);
if ( last!=0 && duration > timeout ) {
struct timespec ts;
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &ts);
printf("%.3f %s:%d lte-ue delay %d (exceed %d), CPU for this period: %.2f\n", ts.tv_sec+ts.tv_nsec/(1000*1000*1000.0), file, line,
duration, timeout, (CPUTime-lastCPUTime)/1000.0 );
//struct timespec ts;
//clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &ts);
printf("%s:%d lte-ue delay %d (exceed %d), CPU for this period: %lld\n", file, line,
duration, timeout, (long long)CPUTime-lastCPUTime );
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