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T tracer: add gnb tracer

Cédric Roux requested to merge t-gnb-tracer into develop

Minimalist gnb tracer to trace (for the moment) rxdataF when some decoding for PUCCH or PUSCH has been done.

Important: T_BUFFER_MAX and T_CACHE_SIZE have been changed. T_BUFFER_MAX is twice as big as before. T_CACHE_SIZE has been devided by two. Globally, the memory usage of the T tracer is the same, but since we divided by two the number of buffers in the cache, we may hit some realtime problems if all the buffers are busy at some point. The simple solution would be to use 8192*2 for T_CACHE_SIZE as it was, but then we double the memory usage of the T tracer. This, or another solution, to be defined.

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