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Integration 2021 wk20 a

Remi Hardy requested to merge integration_2021_wk20_a into develop

MR !1161 (merged) : Improvements on CCE-to-REG mapping and interleaver
MR !1153 (merged) : Nr cleanup pucch resources
MR !1162 (merged) : [CI] nsa and benetel pipelines with quectel
MR !1164 (merged) : fix compile
MR !1154 (merged) : implementation of handling csi and harq in the same pucch2
MR !1158 (merged) : Fix nr_ulsim
MR !1159 (merged) : physim-deploy-handle-error-cases
MR !1165 (merged) : [CI] fixing test retry for module UE
MR !1166 (merged) : [CI] NSA uplink + benetel longrun

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