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Fixes to NR UE MAC PDU generation

Thomas Schlichter requested to merge nr_ue_mac_pdu_fixes into develop
  • included MAC CE sub-PDUs size in the computation of RLC data to transmit this fixes the error with residual mac pdu appearing at gNB side when transmitting higher amount of data
  • got rid of the nr_generate_ulsch_pdu and moved the relevant UL-SCH MAC PDU generation procedure within the nr_ue_get_sdu and nr_ue_get_rach
  • reduced memcpy calls and unnecessary memory allocations
  • fetching RLC data and SDU size from the mac_rlc_data_req, removed the call to mac_rlc_get_buffer_occupancy_ind
  • introduced a new function to generate the MAC CEs sub-PDUs
  • removed unnecessary function input parameters
  • minor fixes and cleanup
  • enhanced logging

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