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L2 Emulator for NSA Mode

Melissa requested to merge episys-merge-nsa into develop

This merge request will incorporate the NSA UE with the L2 Emulator (bypassing of layer 1). These changes include the following features:

  • NSA Interface between LTE and NR UE is properly established. These include the following steps:
    • First UE capability enquiry is sent to NR UE
    • NR UE updates and fills first capability enquiry
    • eNB request for a measurement report
    • Measurement request is sent to NR UE
    • Measurement report is filled in NR UE
    • Measurement report is received in eNB
    • Request for second UE capability enquiry
    • Send second enquiry to NR UE
    • Second capability information is filled by NR UE
    • Second capability information is sent to eNB
    • NR UE capability information is received in gNB
    • Periodic measurement report received in gNB
    • RRCReconfigurationRequest is sent to NR UE
    • RRCReconfigurationComplete is sent from NR UE
    • RACH is received in the gNB
    • RAR is received in NR UE
    • Msg 3 is generated and sent to gNB
    • CFRA procedure is complete
  • A single NSA UE is able to ping an external source
  • UE-to-UE traffic is still in work
  • The gNB is crashing regularly and is still in work
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