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Roberto Louro Magueta requested to merge develop-SRS into develop
  • SRS configuration was changed at gNB to use a periodic scheduling.
  • Scheduling procedures at UE were removed from PHY and implemented in MAC.
  • The FAPI structure for SRS was implemented at UE.
  • Procedures to send the SRS PDU from MAC to PHY were implemented.
  • generate_srs_nr() function was adapted to use the SRS PDU received from FAPI, instead of an empty structure that can only be known in MAC. At the end of this point, the UE was already transmitting the SRS.
  • Several tables were fixed.
  • Create the rrc_get_max_nr_csrs function to get a configuration for SRS which fills the entire UL BWP.
  • Implementation of procedures (in MAC and PHY) to receive the SRS signal at gNB.
  • Channel estimation based on SRS.
  • Power noise estimation based on SRS.
  • Tracer with channel estimated based on SRS.
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